K-Tec K-Tec designs and manufactures heavy duty industrial carts, cart lifts, and conveyor systems designed for building a forklift-free, lean material flow system. All of our products are engineered and built to meet strict ergonomic, safety and durability standards which differentiate the K-Tec method for material handling from other products. In cases where our best in class standard product offerings will not meet your specific needs, the Six Sigma trained K-Tec team will perform an on-site analysis of your material flow needs to assist you with finding the right solutions that offer the ROI, durability, safety and ergonomic needs that your organization is striving for.

Our Valued Clients

K-Tec first began working with the automotive industry to redesign material handling processes to incorporate lean material handling solutions. Since then, K-Tec has expanded its customer base to include a wide range of manufacturing facilities. All customers have a common desire to use a combination of industrial carts, material handling lifts and other ergonomic material handling devices to streamline the material flow on the floor.