The six sigma trained K-Tec team specializes in on-site evaluations and quickly delivers practical, customer tested expertise that you can immediately put to use on your toughest material handling challenges.

Lean Material Handling Project Justification

Converting a manufacturing process to a new systematized and efficient system is a significant investment. Our team can help you justify the time, resource, and financial investment, so the value of the project comes through clearly. Our justification team includes experts with extensive knowledge stemming from years of lean and forklift free implementations across industries such as: automotive, agricultural, transportation, durable goods, recreational products, etc.

Material Handling Application Analysis

K-Tec’s process engineering team can help you resolve material handling bottle necks. We identify material flow and ergonomic constraints and recommend alternatives and options. We can assist you on conversion to the re-designed flow.

Lean Implementation

Implement your process changes with confidence and the support of our process flow engineering team. We have experience in the technical and human aspects of making a change. Our knowledge can help you achieve a smooth transition.

Material Handling Custom Equipment Design (Engineered to Order)

Do you have a unique material handling challenge which requires a custom designed solution? Our engineering team has extensive experience at designing ergonomic handling solutions which meet the needs of unique applications. Put our team to the test and see the difference!

Demonstration Program

K-Tec offers a “No Charge” demo program where industrial carts, material handling lifts and conveyor / workstation components may be set up to simulate proposed lean material handling in the actual plant environment. The demo period is typically two weeks and the customer pays the freight for shipment to and from their plant.

Rebuild Program

K-Tec offers rebuild services for industrial carts that need minor repairs, major refurbishing or component updates. Consult factory for details.