Green Logistics Planning

Green logistics includes concrete green action as an integral part of your lean material flow through-out your operations. Lean material flow offers significant improvements compared with traditional material and logistics planning and flows.

Whether your team is expected to make major improvements in logistics, material handling, and material flow or your team recognizes the potential and you are leading the way, consider including the leading resource in the industry to be part of your efforts in planning and executing “green logistics”.

Green logistics, first and foremost includes flexible, waste reduced, flow of materials—from suppliers to your site, to line-side, maybe even “as build fixtures or assembly lines. Importantly, “Green Logistics” includes the green aspects—plan-fully including more green where it makes sense.

• Potential Green Aspects:
• Fewer batteries to buy, maintain, replace and dispose
• Fewer motors to buy, maintain, replace and dispose
• Less energy used to manufacture fewer batteries and fewer motors
• Life-cycle cost of tugs and carts low (including disposal)
• Life-cycle maintenance of tugs and carts low

K-Tec is the leading resource available to work with you and your team for effective green logistics planning and execution.

To learn more, contact K-Tec at 440-943-4111, and ask about Green Logistics.