Site Analysis

Lean Material Flow offers significant improvements to add-to your lean successes. Whether you have been directed to remove forklifts in heavily populated manufacturing areas or you and your team recognize waste reduction, flexibility and cost savings as strong incentives to move forward, our years of on-site customer expertise will bring you the exact solutions that you’re searching for.

Effective planning is key to project success. Early steps include clearly writing goals, analyzing the current situation, possibly using simulation to test assumptions and verify an approach and then identifying potential for improvement. If your project is large overall, you may want to address it in steps……as the change in process includes changes in the way people work and that means changing habits as well. A concrete early win makes subsequent steps easier.

We can be a part of analyzing your site and work with you and your team to determine appropriate solutions for your exact application that meet your exact needs and goals.

To learn more, contact K-Tec at (440) 943-4111, and ask about Site Analysis.